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Television with LED lights

Find the best lighting packages around when you buy from Merritt Home Theater Services LLC. Our LED strips never look out of place.


Embrace the future of lighting:

Premium products, custom installation

Quality products

We've done the legwork for you, and found the best deals on lighting, sound, and mounting systems anywhere in the country.


Take advantage of great deals when you outfit your new entertainment room with help from

Merritt Home Theater Services LLC.

The best pricing you'll find anywhere

Don't be locked into your lighting choices.

Every one of our LED lighting kits comes

with a remote control.


Change the color and intensity of your lighting

with the touch of a button.

LED lighting kits

Remote controlled mood light

T: 505-410-2005

Custom lighting

Get yours today

Lighting kits

Match any decor



Custom installations Call now

•  Choose from 15 colors

•  Change the feel of the room with the touch of a button

•  Add light and color to any living area

Green LED Lights

Get the best LED strips and superior lighting packages

for your living area.